This post speaks to beginners who happen to find themselves in the astral world feeling disoriented. Because things in the astral world don't work exactly like they do in the physical world, we can note and experience some confusing moments when we are out of the body. : Additional furniture in the house, Doors on wrong walls, the melting fingers, the split of consciousness, the blindness

Unknown furniture added in your house/apartment

This could be a frequent experience if you often move and rent rooms or houses or hotels. When physical object have been at the same place, same position, and not been moved for a long time in a house, an astral form of the object is firmly created. Then even later after the physical object is removed, the astral form of that object still remains.

Therefore it will not be rare to see furniture other than yours in your room if that room was rented by others before you. When you go in the astral world during your sleep, you could see a table, a washing machine for example which you do not recognize to be yours, extra furniture mixing with your stuff, those are the furniture of the old tenants. See, It’s good when we are informed in advanced, so we do not freak out when we see such things in the astral world, isn’t it? Otherwise you would pull your hair thinking that the astral world is full of illusions Tongue.

Now what can you do with this knowledge. Knowing this, you could go in the astral world in places where a very ancient civilization or tribe used to stay, and still find some ancient objects, like books, rivers, animals, statues and houses.

There are however a lot of astral levels, and depending on which you are, it’s possible to find more than just objects; if for example you know where a great spiritual being used to live, you can go there in the astral world to get in touch with his feelings and even his thoughts at a certain degree, especially if that person was a great thinker.

Note that It doesn’t happen to every astral travelers to see additional objects in the house, because we are all different and so we vibrate a different levels, and so we may or not see the same objects when we are in the astral world. But if you happen to see past time objects, know that you are looking at the past (future time objects also possible, but in most cases it's going to be the past time objects), and with a bit of curiosity and will, you can visit an entire past time. The easiest way I may suggest you do, is to touch the new object added to the environment, sense it, feel it and keep checking around with the expectation to see other objects of the same time as the object you are touching, if new objects keep showing up in the room, welcome to the past.

Doors on wrong walls

Now what if when you've just separated from your physical body, you are standing with your astral body in your bedroom, you notice that the door of your bedroom is on a wrong wall. That could feel insane Exclamation . That’s right, that can happen. Your sub consciousness doesn't always understand the new reality so it tries to put things where they would make sense.

See, in the astral world, you do not really use eyes to see around. It’s your consciousness viewing things, and the consciousness is all over your subtle bodies. Meaning you have eyes all over your astral body, front the head all the way down to your toes, you are a one giant ball of eye. While with the physical eyes we only have a front view and slightly the right and left corner view, in the astral world, you can see behind you without even turning around (if you really want it).

So if when you are looking at a wall of your room then you want to see the door which is at your back, you wouldn't need to turn around to see that door behind, because you could possibly see that door as if it was in front of you. But your sub consciousness doesn’t know such things, it is not used to the double or triple views, it's been conditioned otherwise in the physical world. So it will mix things by creating a reasonable reality, like by putting in front of you that door you saw behind you. So you could very well see more than one door on wall if you were trying to see other doors behind you. Isn't it all confusion!

Yes, the right, left, top, bottom, front, back can become very confusing in the astral world. What or where is the right or left side when we can see all sides at the same time? Huh. That's why your subconscious goes bananas and starts mixing things up.

It's not all bad though, your subconsciousness is sort of helping you get a certain balance in the astral world by trying to custom everything to your common understanding. This is why you would be naturally walking and opening doors in the astral world, though in reality you don't need to walk for example, because physical earth gravity has no power on your astral body. You could literally just be teleporting or floating.

If you enter the astral world with no sense of curiosity, everything may just appear to you like it is in physical world. If you want to learn the astral world specifics, you just need to be scrutinizing it, you need to pay more attention.

Every time you focus in the astral world, you notice something new, you learn something new about it. Focus on the texture of clothes, of the curtains, of your armchair in the living room or whatever, and you soon notice it has a color you've not noticed before in the physical world, focus on an object in the night out there and you soon notice that everything is in fact bright, everything seems to have its own light. If you focus on the stars in the sky, this latter will tend to become closer and clearer. Have no focus and stay passive and you notice that there is a big distance between things. Many astral projectors have even found out that although their bedroom or living room space is small in the physical world, it however looks wider, large from the astral world.

Back to the door on the wrong wall. The new door created on the wrong wall is real for your sub consciousness, it looks real and solid, and if you go through that wall, your sub consciousness is likely to show you different things, things that will have nothing to do with the rest of your house. But you know your room better, so you should know where to find the right door. When you take the proper door in such situations, when you go through the proper door (from your bedroom for example), you can see the rest of house as it is supposed to be.

The wrong door will take you to some sort of wonderland reality, your sub consciousness will keep creating an imaginary world to accommodate with what you know, you simply get lost in a world built by your own creativity, and of course you can always get out of it anytime when you do the immediate exit (meaning applying a tactile imagination of your physical body). Because you have the ability to view front back and all areas at once, this may create some kind of illusions. And to avoid so, you need to learn to focus your senses. If you happen to feel you are viewing a lot at once, just try to focus on your front-view and everything will be alright.

And for those still wondering what the "The behind view seen in front phenomena looks like"" . This is like looking at the rear-view of a car. You drive looking in front, but you can also look at the rear-view to see what’s happening behind. It’s better for those who are new to that view to avoid it at the beginning or let’s rather say, beginners should maybe learn how to keep focusing on what is in front.

The subconsciousness funny way of creating a reality that fits our beliefs and convictions can be very disturbing at the beginning, but it will be a great tool later, because with the power of the sub consciousness we can create astral objects in that world should the need be. For example, many could accidently or willingly found themselves naked in the astral world; fine! but if you use your sub consciousness power, you can create any clothes for yourself so you do not appear naked in front of people in that world. And you may turn into any form of animals for example to experience what is it like to be an animal. In my case, in the sea (because I love swimming in the sea when in the astral world it's easier - because I can't really swim physically haha..) I learned how to turn into different different kind of fishes and sea vegetables. Even if the experience is pretty short each time, now at least I know what a fish body sort of feels like.

The melting of fingers and hands

Earlier I mentioned about focusing in the astral world. In most cases it's beneficial, expect when we over do it. I and many other projectors I've asked around, noted that if you focus, stare at your fingers or hand for too long, this latter would start melting.

I was still starting to astral project when it happened to me for the first time. The golden world I used to call it back then, because everything around was sort of gold. The wall and all objects had this golden look. These were also the times when I struggled to stand up from my physical body as some strange force was pulling me back strongly. It feels like your physical body and your astral body are tied by some sort of glue or chewing gum, so I always had to force the separation, dragging myself out as if carrying a tone.

So one day, I managed to stand despite the force of attraction of my physical body, I stood and l put my hands on the near wall to help myself stand straight. And as I was looking at my astral hands which were shining some particles of gold, my fingers started to melt away from the fingertips. Yes they were disappearing. But melting is better as a descriptive word. Because they literary melt like the candle does. It didn't take long before I wake up in my physical body again. So should this happen to you, if you see a part of your body melting, that is likely because you've been staring at it for too long.

Split of consciousness

You've just separated from your physical body, you are walking towards the door, then for some reason you notice yourself viewing the ceiling in bed, and again you feel standing in front of the door ready to open it and to go out for an astral adventure. But again you can see from your physical body in bed, and immediately after you can see from your astral body standing. And the experience goes on like that rapidly, between back and forth viewing from the physical and from the astral body.

This is a split of consciousness. It may happen at any moment of you astral projection, but in my cases, this is mostly happened to me when I'm near the physical body and when I've just left. We know every little about this phenomena but it's nothing to be scared of. It doesn't kill. Once you are quite far away from your physical body this sensation will vanish. Because you are informed, you won't panic should this happen to you. This may very well be an area of exploration for you to know that your consciousness can split and be at different places (bodies) at the same time.


No it's never too dark in the astral world. When I astral project during the day, I see the day, and when done during the night, I see the night. Except in those times when I experiment in different level of the astral world or different time zone areas. If when you enter the astral world you find yourself blind, unbale to see anything, know that it's common and there is no need to panic because you are informed about it.

Blindness is usually due to some chakras not well stimulated or running poorly. Your awareness in the astral world is therefore weakened. What you need to do when this happens is to first try and stimulate the concerned chakras a little, mainly the ones on your hands as they are directly related to your overall consciousness. So rub those hands, rub the palm of your hands for about 5 seconds while expecting your eyes to open slowly. If nothing is happening, go around sensing things close to you.

And don't wonder where objects are at that time, you would already know where everything else even if your eyes are closed. Funny enough you could astral project long distances and explore the astral world with your astral blindness and still learn a lot. Because remember your astral body still knows without vision. It has senses all over. While you are blind, you would almost never walk knocking things around, you would walk and turn exactly where you need to. If you need to your vision back, rub your hands and take the time to sense things around.

If nothing still works, force open your eyes with your fingers, yes you can do that too, the eyelids will first feel like glued together. So they will close again when you release the eyelids, however if you continue holding open the eyelids, you will see some lights and some objects (blurry at first but it then gets better especially if you add in some auto suggestion like "I can see, I can see now"), this is not the reliable method, because it takes a bit of effort and time which you don't always have in the astral world, but it's a possiblity you may note and try out.

Love and light to you