Feeding is one of the basic principles which maintains Life. To feed is then related to life; not directly to existence, as in fact Life is an energy which any being in existence can build up, amend, better. Existence however is that one thing we can’t amend.

Life increases in us, it can be pictured as a sort of electricity which shakes (vibrates) all our inner subtle bodies; or as an energy which allows each element of our being to stay connected and work in harmony. The more a person loses Life, the more there is chaos in that person. Chaos, disharmony, disorder, agitation… are the only true esoteric meaning of death. Then it will be important to understand that life is maintained with spiritual nutrition. I’ll elaborate further below.

What is life?
When things go wrong in people's life, hear what they say “Well, such is Life!” . As if life was meant to be series of problems, or a sequence of bad events. “Well, such is life” we say. Nope! that is not. Life is a much bigger reality many of us haven’t yet experienced. Life has nothing to do with sadness, with worries , with anxieties nor with miseries. It is the whole opposite of those things.

Many of our earth species can be said to only exist, but not fully alive. Mineral for example are also beings, but they are not living a significant life, they just exist. In animals we can observe some life, because animals can sometimes experience good feelings. As for human beings, they have just started to live a higher life compared to animals life. But among humans there are people who have understood the meaning of a much higher kind of life and who work on themselves towards that higher spiritual life by consuming more spiritual food.

Spiritual Food?

You can notice a change in your life when you switch to a healthier diet. But if you are only aware of physical food, and not aware of the existence of psychic/invisible foods (the existence of thoughts, feelings and etheric energies), then maybe you've been missing out on greater type of food in your existence. But let's catch up in this postSmile.

Understand that "Food" exists at different levels in the universe, and that what you eat actually defines you. We should know that invisible beings feed with invisible things. What we call higher spiritual beings eat different food. The type of food which vivifies their bodies. And what we call invisible evil beings also have their favorite food, which gives them the evil power they need. Things we mostly call abstractions are actual food to many invisible beings. They eat/absorb thoughts, emotions, desires, etheric energies. And because we humans do not only have one body (the physical body) but also many invisible subtle bodies, we therefore don’t only feed with physical food (rice, banana, cheese burgers…) but also with non-physical food (different kinds of subtle energies).

Subconsciously we all feed with non-physical food. That is what gives us some level of life. The quality of physical food we consume gives a certain level of Life to our physical body, and the quality of psychic food we consume gives our invisible bodies a certain life. If you don’t eat at all, you lose life.

If you eat dirty food you collect impurities, bacteria, germs in your body which results in bad health. It goes the same for our invisible bodies. If you feed yourself with dirty thoughts, dirty emotions or desires you end up insane. You will hear or read spiritual teachers advising you to purify yourself. It even seems like all religions are focused on that only one important aspect of spiritual life: Purification. It always boils down to purity. But then how to cultivate purity? It is thanks to the knowledge of spiritual nutrition. Who knows how to feed him/herself spiritually knows how to purify himself. Yes purity has a lot to do with feeding. What you eat physically or psychologically will either purify or make you impure. And then an impure body (physical or non-physical) struggles to produce good health or happiness.

An impure body always tends to say or do wrong; And even worse, the more you act wrong, the more you become impure to the point it becomes so tough to get rid of all those impurities for millions of reincarnations.

It may sound bizarre to read the following in this perceptive, but the actual reason why evil beings never do good, is not because they don’t want to, but because they struggle to do good. The Esoteric tradition says that at their origin, Evil beings used to feed with pure spiritual food, then after they tasted a variety of material food/energies over centuries, their bodies changed and now whatever comes out of their mouth, or whatever they do is wrong. Even when they are asked to do good, they always end up doing the wrong thing; always bad results comes out of themSad .

So if food is such a great key to a spiritual life, why don’t we pay attention to what we absorb physically, emotionally and mentally? Many didn’t see nutrition in this way. And many others spend so much time in more complicated occult things like invocations, spells, contacting entities of the nature… that they forgot to practice basics like "the spiritual nutrition".

In my twenties, when I learned the importance of feeding spiritually, I started exploring this area of spiritual nutrition almost each. What, when and how to eat to grow spirituality became a great area of interest? And during experimentations, every time I thought I found a better quality spiritual food, a new kind of food came to my attention. And that is up till today so interesting it is.

The life contained in physical food
In the esoteric point of view, food is important and necessary for any form of growth to happen. Reason why you will read in the ancient esoteric tradition humans offering food to gods (to higher spiritual beings) as an act of sacrifice. This is not really because the spiritual beings love the taste of roasted goats, cheap, or of row fruits, but because they love what those physical food contain.

Whether physical or spiritual, food contains Life. That’s why we eat. We eat food to absorb the juice, the vitamins, the energies, the calories in it. Those latter are the life of the physical food. So we absorb the subtle part of the food and the gross part of it is rejected from our system in the toilets. The official material science have understand that too. Today you will see on your food plastic label displaying how many calories you are about to consume. That’s great! That means science has come to actually know some level of Life within the physical food.

We do our best to get those 2000/2500 calories required daily for most average humans to keep the “Life” of the physical body. We can’t ignore the different vibe we get when we are energized: our brain works better, our muscles get stronger, we are ready for physical work. Smile. And we can notice that the person without energies seems lazy, tired, as if dead.

So it is true that although we may all exist, we have different lives (vibes) based on what and how much we absorb as food. But those calories are just one inferior degree of what life is. Understand that beyond calories, there is a whole range of subtle etheric energies. When you can reach that higher degree of Life from the food you eat, you should feel complete.

How to absorb the life contains in food?
So behind any food we consume everyday is a whole range of Lives. Different vibrations in food if you want. The fruit you eat for example has different vibrations you can absorb. Some food contains more subtle energies than others, and if you are vigilant, you can tell by the color and the quality of the food. Natural food like fruits which have grow by the ray of the sun display bright colors.

From the esoteric point of view, colors speak for energies which come from the sun. The sun appears white, but we all know that in that whiteness are the 7 main colors of the rainbow. The energies we absorb from the food comes from the sun. Sun energies provides pure life within everything (minerals, vegetables, animals, humans). Then if you know how to eat, you may absorb higher degrees of life energies from your food.

How to eat in such a way to absorb the sun life energies out of the food?
This is process which happens from the mouth. Not in the stomach. The mouth is indeed a mystical laboratory which knows how to separate the subtle from the material (subtle energies from matter). That separation is mostly possible when you can breath-in between chewing.

That's the secret, If when eating you stop chewing for a second and breath in deeply (inhale), while keeping your attention to the air moving across the top skin of your mouth, you will absorb the solar life force out of the food. The energies absorbed this way go into your etheric system (etheric body) to regenerate your body. And if you can eat without thinking of the past and future but remain in the present moment (or at least thinking of nothing else but spiritual topics), your mental and emotional system will be fed too.

So again taking a deep breath in between chewing is enough to absorb the solar life force out of the food. The stomach will do a different work, it will absorb the calories energies to give some life to your physical body. Students who are already going though my "Awaking your chakras course" can use this method in their training as a supplement to the stimulation of their sacral chakra.

The sun, source of spiritual Food
Some spiritualists know how to get the solar life force (also called prana) directly from the sun, instead of going through the food. A special breathing practice makes the solar life energy available for them. The practice is called Pranayama. If we had no physical body to feed with calories, we wouldn’t even need to eat any physical food, we would simply be absorbing life straight from the sun alone. And that's what some entities without a physical body but close to our physical solar system do.

The sun is in fact the source of life we need. Any kind of life you could need is in the sun. Each being take from the sun the kind of life it can absorb.

  • Minerals capture more red energies from the sun. As at their level of evolution they may only live a red life (I mean a life at the red vibration energy level). For example, they are comfortable heating up (That's the red life).
  • The vegetables capture more orange energies (meaning more sensations). That's the Orange life.
  • Humans absorb more yellow energies (meaning more intellect). Some among humans absorb more Blue energies (meaning the intuition), and few among them absorb more Indigo and Purple (meaning Wisdom and Love).

Depending on your level of evolution, you absorb from the sun one or more of the mentioned energies of life. But if you adapt to feed with higher energies of the sun, you would automatically change, evolve to the level of the new type of energy absorbed. For instance, if you are used to feed with more yellow energies(meaning the intellect, the reasoning, using your left brain), that means your life is more intellectual, but now say you start feeding with more blue energies, you should soon experience a spiritual life ( a life of intuition, love and happiness).

Life comes from any representation of the sun
You might also wonder. If life comes from the sun, is the sun God then? No it is not God itself, but a very small version of God in a very small galactic system. Yes God is the center of each thing which exists. Any center which supplies Life is a representation of God. Like:

  • The heart, which is the center of our physical body.
  • The solar plexus chakra, center of the chakra system.
  • The sun, which is center of our solar system.
  • Parents, father and mother, who are the centers around which children turns
  • . …

And also a quick note about this sun of sky, in the space. Although it may appear the biggest to our view, there exist many other suns which are million times bigger than our solar system sun. Bigger suns around which turns bigger systems, galaxies… All those suns are linked, work the same, share the same consciousness. Many people ask for ideas of things they can do in the astral world, well this is one of them. Travel far and learn more of the beauty of the universe .

Any version of the sun distributes Life:

  • Life coming from the sun is composed of heat and light.
  • Life coming from our physical heart is composed of oxygen and nutrients (in the blood).
  • Life coming from the a spiritual teacher is composed of Love and Wisdom
  • ….

All those duals: heat and light; Oxygen and nutrients; love and wisdom; are all the same thing esoterically. What is simply seen as "heat and light" in the physical world becomes "love and wisdom" within us. When someone is said to be enlightened, that simply means that he/she is able to receive and be lighted by his/her inner sun (his/her higher self).

Those of you with a Christian background will remember the below words from the scriptures:

  • “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life”;
  • “”Truly, truly, I tell you, unless you eat the flesh and drink the blood of the Son of Man, you have no life in you”
  • “I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Anyone who eats this bread will live forever; and this bread, which I will offer so the world may live, is my flesh”"
  • Take, eat; this is my body.

Now how comes that the author of those words called Jesus, offers himself as food to his disciples? taking this literally is crazy isn’t it? Because that would mean all Christians are supposed to be cannibals. However if you read those same words symbolically (esoterically) they will make sense. Because all those words actually meant = "whoever consumes my light and my heat will have a spiritual life"

So if you consider the "Jesus" as a personification, a symbol, a representation of the sun, then everything makes sense.

Eating from any center gives life:

  • The "Bread and Wine" respectively means "White" and "Red", or "light" and "heat" of the sun.
  • Flesh means light(or wisdom), blood means love.

And so "the living bread that comes down from heaven" is again the "Light" of the sun (That very spiritual food I've speaking of throughout this post).

Hope this post was informative for you and that it gives you a good start on how to start consciously absorbing spiritual substances from food.

Love and light to you.