It was a sunny afternoon. I was in bed working on my laptop. Soon I felt tired and sleepy, so I decided to take a little nap.

But as always, I like to experiment different ways to enter the astral world whenever I go to sleep. So I let myself sleep while wiggling my right hand fingers.

Soon after I lost awareness into sleep, I woke up again and noticed that I was still moving the fingers, as if in an automatic fashion (This is known as phantom wiggling). The finger movement also caused vibrations all over my body. I stopped wiggling and the vibrations soon calmed down.

At this point I knew that I was fully conscious in the astral etheric world already. It felt just like being in the physical world. I had my eyes open, I could see around from the bed. My vision was no different to the physical eye vision. The noise around was just as normal as when in the physical world. Nothing extraordinary.

With no hesitation, I put my feet on the floor, but as I tried to stand up, I felt a force pulling me back in bed. So I got back to my sleeping position.

I said to myself: "Okay Krya, it's not the first time it happens, let's try with a different separation technique". So I decided to go for the rollover separation technique. But as I attempted to roll over to the left side of the bed, I immediately felt a belt attached around my waist preventing me from doing it. And indeed I remembered sleeping with a jean and a belt on my physical body.

Since the rollover failed, I got back to the original sleeping position again, facing the ceiling. And this time I quickly got lost into a dream. Then for some reason the dream stopped, I found myself with eyes open and this time I wasn't sure if I was awake in the physical world or in the etheric astral world.

I had my laptop on the left side of the bed. It was on, and I could see the time on the laptop was not stable. The hours were changing every few seconds, one second it was 15pm and the next it was 18pm. I knew it was a false awakening.

So I closed my eyes again relaxing with the intention to awake in the physical world. Behind my closed eyes, appeared a clear image of a fire. I focused my attention and the fire became even clearer and realistic to the point where I found myself standing near the fire. There I knew I was in a lucid dream.

While in the lucid dream, I started doing some experiments with going through walls. I practiced with the goal to write down anything new I could find out about it.

First I went through the wall easily and found myself in the next room. When going through the wall, a thick wall by the way. I could feel the solid sensation, and the little rocks the wall is made of, rocks rubbing on my whole body.

Secondly I wanted to test with just my hand. I tested to enter just my hand through the wall. It worked. Then I tried to push my fingers through the wall with the intention to not go through the wall, and they did not go through as expected.

The strange, yet beautiful sensation of my hand and body going through the wall never gets old.

Finally I got to test something new. I tested if I can break the wall. And to my surprise yes I could. I make 2 holes with my fingers intentionally when pushing the fingers in. The intention was enough to make it happen. It was an interesting experiment!

Then I decided to extend my experiments away from the room. I jumped and flew in the air. Normally this is something I used to do well, but for some reasons I stopped mid air unable to fly any higher. Then I saw above me a friend I knew from the physical world. He was calling me to fly high to join him. However, I could already feel that I was waking up to the physical world. I woke up this time in my physical body.

Some few notes on my diary:

  • I need to remove my belt next time.
  • The fingers winging while falling asleep seems to be working well for me.
  • An uncomfortable position while falling asleep can help me keep lucid.
  • Time of experience: 15pm.
  • Date: March, Thursday 2009.
  • Sleeping Position: on my back, Left hand on the back of my head, right arm stretched along the body.