Astral experiments journal Series.
Listening to my own voice

An article by Krya.


I went to sleep around 1 am. Lights were completely off. I used to leave the windows open to allow the moon light to lighten the room a bit.

I still remember it wasn't too cold nor too hot. Some hours during the night, I found myself staring at the window from my bed. I wondered how long my eyes had been open, because it really felt like they have been open forever. I had no memory of myself opening my eyelids. At this point I already knew I was in the astral dimension, because it wasn't the first astral projection. I sort of developed an intuitive way of recognizing an astral projection, even without having signs of body vibrations or ear noises.
Now because I didn't plan the astral projection, I started wondering what to do next.
To my surprise, I heard a voice. "Krya, follow me". I heard. The voice came from the opposite side of the window, by the door. I immediately looked towards the door. Guess who I saw: NOBODY. There was no one. Although I could sense there was someone inside my bedroom near the door. I stood up from the bed like I naturally do in the physical body. And like in many of my astral projections, I didn't see my physical body sleeping in bed. All I saw was the blanket and everything else.
Soon after I stood, the voice spoke again. "Are you ready?" It said. There it became clear to me. It was a voice without a body. I was in an astonished state, but wasn't afraid. The situation was new to me, and it felt very interesting (something to add to my astral journal). Ready for what? I replied to the voice. Ready for today's lesson, it said.
Because I was curious, I replied "Yes I'm ready". "Then come with me" said the voice. Although I could not see the person, I could still tell where his voice was coming from. So I followed it. I went through the door without opening it, I walked all the way to the yard. Here, there was a slight difference. It was daylight.
"If you walk through the gate, you will meet me in a different world, if however you fly over that gate, you will continue exploring this world". Said the voice. For some reasons I decided to fly over the gate. I flew a little higher as I moved away from my home. I loved the view of the streets from above. Seeing people walking down the street towards the "Kraaifontein" train station (In cape town, South Africa). I could see the train rails clearly, and all those millions wires at the train station.
"If you feel you are flying too fast, just stop moving your hands and legs" I heard the voice say. But this time, I realized that the voice sounded like mine. And as I wanted to ask why he sounded like me, I felt my physical eyes moving, then I woke up in bed already.
It was the end of the experience.

Notes on my diary:
The voice was another version of me.
I will remember to try not moving the hands and legs when flying as advised by the voice.

Time of experience: 1 am 48 .

Date: Friday 2007.
Sleeping Position: sleeping on my chest, and facing the window.
Listening to my own voice - Astral Experiments Journal