Astral projection is a wonderful experience. At least it is to me. It is actually only wonderful when you can do it consciously . If you can't remember an astral projection or if you continue doing it unconsciously you won't ever tell what it is, how amazing it is and how it can benefit you. In this post I want to give you a guide on how to practice an astral projection, while also telling you the mechanism behind it.

If you want to astral project, then you mean to consciously project your consciousness into the astral body for an out of body experience or an astral travel. Once your consciousness is in the astral body, you can use the astral body as a vehicle of your consciousness in the astral plane, just like you use the physical body in the physical plane.

The immediate next question is how to transfer the consciousness into the astral body?
Well that's where the challenge comes. Some people have natural skills to consciously transfer their consciousness into the astral body, while others may need practice to be able to do it. But it is not that complicated when you know exactly how it works, and when you can practice regularly to perfect your skill.

Now hear me carefully from here. The transfer of the consciousness into the astral body happens naturally at a special moment of your sleep when your brain is producing theta waves. So the process involves timing, it involves brain state. What should this practically mean for you? It means that you are either going to have to learn to catch that time when your brain naturally gets in a theta state, or you will have to learn how to willingly induce the theta state at any time of your sleep.

I speak a lot about the theta state in most of my astral projection courses. Because it's the key to voluntary astral projections. When we go to sleep, our brain goes through different stages of states. Bran wave stages which are actually the level of electrical waves our brain produces. The very moment you close your eyes and relax, your brain waves move from beta waves to alpha waves. Then the moment the dream starts, your brain starts producing theta waves more. And when the brain is producing theta waves, that the transfer of consciousness happens.

Now if you keep your awareness active during the transfer, you will be able to use your astral body. For example you will be able to move your astral arms and legs and stand up from bed with it. If however you lose awareness during the transfer, your brain waves will get beyond theta waves, that's when they fall into deep nonsense dreams. So it's important to remember that your brain reaches the theta state each night you go to bed. Therefore you get a chance to transfer your consciousness into the astral body for an astral projection.

You can learn how to induce the theta/vibration state

from lesson 2 of my astral projection course

You may now wonder, when does the brain get into theta state during our sleep?
This happens about every 90mins. And last from 10mins to 1 hours or more. In the official science, Theta state is also referred as REM (or Rapid Eye movement). The first theta state (or REM stage) of your sleep may last only 10mins, then it next round of theta states will last longer. The morning theta stages being the longest. So for an easy astral projection attempt, you may want to try in the morning. That's when the door to the astral plane is open the longest.

To practice that, you will need to wake up early in the morning. Ideally an hour or two before your usual wake up time. Wait for about 10mins then go back to sleep. This way you are likely to be more lucid when your brain reaches the theta state. And because the theta state will take longer than the previous, you have enough time to try maintain your awareness until a complete transfer of consciousness.

What if you don't want to wait for morning to start an astral projection?
You will need to be very good at recognizing any theta state at any stage and as it starts. Although you have many theta rounds every about 90mins, It's best if you can catch the first theta round of your sleep. This way, you will be able to astral projection within 90 mins (sometimes in less than 20mins) after you've just slept, during the day or night.

Now say you've reached the theta state, how do you perform the transfer of consciousness?
Well, the good news is, that your consciousness automatically transfers itself into the astral body as long as you can maintain lucidity when you reach a theta state. One of the best ways is to maintain lucidity or awareness while your body falls asleep. This means to bring and maintain your attention to the images going on behind your closed eyes (those random images which you happen to have when you start to dream), or to keep your attention to the noise in your ears. These are the main techniques I teach in my courses because I practice them myself regularly with much success. This is the most important part of the practice you need to work on. When you become good at this, you become good at astral projecting any time and willingly.

What happens then?
You focusing on the senses ( eyes or ears), will allow you to remain your consciousness active while the transfer of it is happening. During that transfer of consciousness you may witness some unusual sensation. Body vibrations, body paralysis, loud noises and even feeling your body turning on the opposite sides (on the left hand side or right hand side). Those are your signs that your brain is in theta and that the transfer is happening.

Then when that sensation reduces, you should know that the transfer is complete. Sometimes you won't even have any of those sensations, especially if you've been practicing astral projection for a while. The transfer of your consciousness to your astral body will happen very quickly in that case that you won't notice anything. In such cases you would simply have your eyes wide open and you would be ready to separate from your physical body.

To separate from your physical is to simply move away from your bed. You would generally just stand up and go from your bed, like you normally do in the morning when you wake up. And for your own success, don't stay there in bed visualizing God knows what! Your astral body is not some kind of smoky body you need to move with the help of visualizations or imaginations, treat it like a real body, feel it, it's a complete body like the physical body and so treat it as such. So use your arms to pull yourself up like you would do in the physical world.

If when trying to stand up you feel some kind of resistance, you will need to apply other separation methods like crawling out of your physical, or rolling over to one side of the bed. From experience I noticed that separation always works if you can misalign your astral body with your physical body in bed. meaning if you are sleeping horizontally, try moving your astral body to position it vertically first, then stand up from the bed. Much easier. Tring to move up the upper body of your astral body is usually challenging, so I strongly advise you crawl out or rollover in bed when you can't use the stand up and go separation technique.

Once you are out of the body, you can start your astral travel. You probably already have a long list of things to do in the astral plane. And don't be afraid how you will get back to your physical body. The easiest part of astral travel is the return to the physical body, because it only takes a thought to wake up, or someone to wake you up from the physical world for you to return. And in most cases you won't last long in the astral world anyway, especially if you are a beginner, you will wake up immediately when you stop doing anything in the astral world. It doesn't matter how far you are from your bedroom, you will wake up instantly. So you don't need to rush back to your bedroom.



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