The official science will agree that colors have an influence on humans. That has already been scientifically tested. We can now see people taking proper care on how they decorate their home. They are careful which color should be the kitchen, the bedroom or the studding room. As it is clear that if you have lots of yellow color in your studding room, you would study better and really feel like studding even more. On the other hand if you have lots of indigo in the bedroom, it is not going to work well for an ordinary couple Smile. And on the good side if you often wear or exposed to lots of orange, your organism (body organs) will be invited to work better…

The esoteric science uses colors for a much better work. It uses colors for a spiritual work. An esoteric person is aware that among all the things which colors influence, chakras are in the important list because chakras hold the key to become aware of the invisible reality.

Each color corresponds to a kind of life
A color is nothing but an visible energy. Red for example can be considered as the first visible energy. Although animals and certain insects are able to see other levels of energies beyond the visible red. Knowing that a color is an energy which revives our while being, the spiritualist will use it to rise his life to a spiritual kind of life. With the proper and constant use of colors, anyone can experience different kinds of life. Yes, because there are many lives. There is a life of insects, a life of animals, a life of humans, a life of angels. And a human being goes through 7 main kinds of life before becoming a master of the lower life.

Each color corresponds to a particular life:

  1. Red to the life of animals, Red is the energy which drives all organisms, Red is what is behind the strength of muscles. Red is therefore the energy of our physical life.
  2. Orange is the life of our astral body (our feelings, emotions and desires).
  3. Yellow is the life of mental body (our thoughts), the force which helps us to reason.
  4. Green rules the life of our sub consciousnesses, of nature around us, and of all vegetables.
  5. Blue is the life of our higher mental body (our causal body, the mind of our true self).
  6. Indigo is the life of our spiritual soul (our spiritual desires).
  7. Purple is the life of Divinity. Colors have the power to link us to those lives. Should you wish to experience the life of your own true self ( your higher self), use the color blue and indigo.

The 4 lower colors for our lower lives, and 3 colors of our higher life
It is worth mentioning that we are all already experiencing a bit of the color of red, orange and yellow; but we are not experiencing those lives at their purest level. As for the life of blue, indigo and purple, only few who have decided their lives for divine purpose, for the search of their higher self, for spirituality, are experiencing it.

In short we may group all those lives into 2 groups:

  • The red, orange, yellow and green form the group of lower life (lower nature).
  • Blue, indigo and purple make our higher life (higher nature). Spirituality is actually that higher intense life in which a person experiences more of blue, indigo and purple. A person is said to be spiritual when his emanates the purest colors of blue and indigo and purple.

We can naturally live a spiritual life by simply bettering our lower life. Meaning when our red, orange, yellow and green life gets better, the blue, indigo and purple naturally manifests. We can go progressively cleaning our red life, then orange then yellow, then green. But that is not a wise method. Those 4 lower lives manifest in turn every hours and every day of our lives. Those who study astrology will understand that each hour of the day and each day is governed by a specific planet.

When it is Mercury (That will mean on Wednesday) for example, our mind is in the most in play. Because Mercury corresponds to yellow life. When it is Mars ( on Tuesday), our astral body (our desires and emotions) are the most in play… So why would you choose to focus more only on one particular color for years? while each hour and each day nature forces us to experience the rest of other colors as well. So the ideal is work on purifying all our colors.

There are 2 known ways of working on colors:
  • Method 1, you use visualization of colors all over your body, or simulating chakras to release their colors.
  • Method 2 you work on the virtues which corresponds to those colors.

With method 2 you are not directly using colors, but you are actively working on them for a permanent result. While Method 1 seems to be a quick fix, the result doesn’t last long unless you keep practicing constantly for years.

How to work with colors
The spiritualists will generally visualize colors all over their body. He/she will visualize the red color emanating from his organs, his cells, through the ports of their skin. they will imagine themselves as beings of colors. Either one color per day, or all the colors per day. They may spend about 5 to 10min per color, or 15mins per color a day. This is how they heal themselves.

In the morning, the first rays of the sun are filled with energies, those who would prefer to take advantage of this morning lights, will wake up early to catch those pure energies. By simply contemplating the sunrise, or/and doing a pranayama exercise. And if you are so hungry for energies, you can take off your shirt and let the energies of the sun be fully absorbed by your body, while also imagining that the different energies of the sunlight are filling you.

The two most important sources of energies
The sunlight actually contains all the 7 main energies we need in order to live more consciously. One can see the 7 colors contained in the white light by using a prism. This latter splits the light into 7 energies. The prism therefore is what explains to us the different vibrations of the white light. It is important to note that a being may take energies either from the outside world (from nature), or from the inner world (inner nature).

Just as we have a physical light coming from the outside world (from the sun or lamps or fire), we also have a light coming from our inner psychic and spiritual world, that means a light coming from our higher self. So there are 2 main sources of light. The sun of our solar system is one big external source of light, and the true self (the higher self) is also another source of light which is simply invisible to most of us. But whoever knows how to observe the self during a silent meditation have an idea of what that inner source of energy is like.

We all have prisms on and in our body
When the light of the sun reaches the body, our plexus solar chakra (the energy center located just below the diaphragm) will absorb that light and split it into 7 types of energies (7 colors) in order to distribute them to the rest of the 6 centers of energy (the rest of the chakras) . Form the solar plexus, the root chakra will receive the red energy, the crown chakra will receive the purple energy… So you can see that our plexus solar plays the role of a prism on our body for receiving and dividing the one light into 7 types of vibrations (7 colors).

Colors develops chakras. Attention wakes the chakras
In general the ordinary people have their chakras sleeping. The esoteric or spiritualist learns to awake those chakras by paying attention to them. Because chakras are very sensitive, they are like those babies to who when you suddenly pay attention to them, look at them with interest and give a smile, they quickly smile back at you.

The chakras quickly start waking up by simply paying some attention to them. In a practical way, that happens when you direct your focus at the location of the chakra. This is about putting your consciousness at the location of the chakra and being on alert to any physical sensation at that area of the body: Is it warm or cold at that chakra location? is it tingling, can you feel the wind on that skin?

Those kind of questions help you stay focus at the location of the chakra, and that is how to awake the chakra. Then to develop it. Use colors. Imagine a color is emanating from that location. You can image a colorful torch life is coming out of that location. Imagine the skin and the bones at that location become so lightened that it becomes almost transparent. So the secret of the practice is to Sense the location and to see the color with your imagination.

I haven’t covered everything about the influence of colors in this post. Since the aim is not to write a book Smile nor a course since I already wrote a chakra course about how to awake the chakras (available in your membership subscription). But I just hope that the information on this post will help whoever is new to this things to make further research. At the end of this post, I wish to have made the reader understand that colors are energies of light. And because our being needs energies at all time, we may use the right energy we need to feed, develop and cure ourselves and others.

Colors comes from light. When there is no light there is no colors. In darkness there is colors. So remember the source of colors. If you can see your shirt as blue for example, remember that that blue color is coming from light. That blue color of your shirt is actually a particular vibration of light which is being reflected by your shirt. In other words your shirt is bouncing back a particular degree of light (called blue).

Remember other invisible source of light too, I mean the higher self ( the true self ) source. That source is what makes your subtle bodies colorful ( your aura). The aura doesn’t really depend on the light of the sun, because the aura can even be seen in darkness. That’s because those colors have a different source, which is the spirit (the higher self). We need to learn how to purify our inner 4 lower colors to allow our 3 higher colors to manifest naturally. This is so we may experience a higher life.

Love and light to you.