Breathing is of paramount importance to anyone who aspires to an active spiritual life, and to a healthy psychic life. Pranayama is a popular practice among spiritualist for its great physical and spiritual benefits: Increase in etheric energies, reduction of physical body illnesses, protection against negative forces during astral projection. Best time for Pranayama in the morning, on an empty stomach.

The breathing exercise is very simple:

1. Begin by closing your left nostril and breathing in deeply through the right nostril, while you count to four (4).
2. Hold your breath and count of sixteen (16),
3. Close your right nostril and breath out through the left nostril to the count of eight (8).

Then begin again, starting with the right nostril closed.

4. Breath in through the left nostril to the count of four ,
5. Hold you breath to the count of sixteen.
6. Breath out through the right nostril to the count of eight.

(Repeat that six times for each nostril)

Here a pretty good demonstration pranayama: Watch in the video how we alternate fingers and fingers.

My advice:
When you do this at the beginning, make sure you don't feel too much pain.

If you have difficulties with holding 16 counts, then please get the count down.
so let's say you feel okay for a start to hold the breath for 9 counts. The exercise becomes:

Breath in = 3 counts
Hold breath = 9 counts
Breath out = 6 counts

So you do the math: If you want to go any lower down the counts.
Holding the breath must always be breath in count x breath in count
and breath out is breath in count x 2.

But then repeat that process for more than 6 times for each nostril. Ideally you should do this 13 times for each nostril. So in total time you should spend on pranayama is based on the number of time you repeat the process for each nostril. It could take you 20mins or less to finish.

And If you want to know I do a
8 (inhale) - 32 (holding) - 16 (exhale) pranayama.
I did run fast prematurely into higher counts because I was young with less knowledge at the time, so I have had faints after seeing lots of couleurs behind closed eyes during the hold of breath some days

Later as you improve this practice, you will be spending roughly 30min of pranayama.

Lower the count at first but try to increase the counts in the course of time ( every month or 2 months, up to you) . As the more counts you will be holding the breath, the more you get prana (energies). Go as slow as your lungs allow you too.
if you are new in this, sweating will be your sign of purification, and you can get that warm body feeling even if you lower the counts.

Pranayama breathing should not be done in a mechanical way. It is an exercise that needs to be done consciously. That’s how we get the most result out of prana (the same for most spiritual exercises).

Breathing In and Holding the air
When we hold back air in our lungs during pranayama, Prana ( the universal energy) is subtracted from air and enters the blood stream. You should now understand why the pranayama practice requires you to hold the breath for a certain amount of time, this is to help the lung organ to take Prana from air and send it to your blood circulation. So the longer you can hold the air in your lungs the better.

Then once prana is in your blood, your whole being start to be effected, that prana can now travel together with the blood in all areas of your body. and everywhere the prana goes, it sets harmony. The result is that you feel healthy and above all your brain can work better, why? because our brain is among all organs the one who feeds more of prana.

Also when prana enters the blood, the heart, it affects our feelings too. because blood is very much related to our feelings, in other words, blood is the physical form of our feelings. Those who can see the Aura, will tell you that a human being is seen permanently surrounded by colors, colors formed with light. and when we are emotional, angry for example, the colors turn into dark red, or when we love, the colors turns into bright red, or green if that love is extraordinary. So you see how red and green colors are the blood of our invisible bodies (our inner world); and that invisible blood is linked to our physical blood.

What does that mean is when one form of those bloods is affected, the other one also react. that is why if you keep bad feelings for a long time, you risk to damage some organs in your physical body.

Pranayama is a way of working from the physical body to affect the invisible bodies. pranayama is then so necessary for beginners, as they usually have no experience yet about working directly with the feelings and thoughts.

So when we breath, we should be conscious of those facts, be aware of what’s happening so the process is ease. because prana is being like an external thing entering your body, if you are not conscious at that time, your organism could simple fight with it. So we should imagine that that force is accepted by our body, our organs and that it is performing miracles everywhere in us.

Why during pranayama do we breath with only one nostril?
Well this is because, those who are clairvoyant, have noticed that the prana we breath in from the right nostril and from the left nostril are not at all the same type of prana. Through the left nostril we breath in the magnetic energy of prana. and through the right nostril we accept the electrical energy of prana.

the magnetic prana is connected to the heart, and the electrical prana is connected to the brain. that also means, your mind expands with the electrical prana and your heart with the magnetic prana. and because mind generates light, and the heart generates love, we feed our love and light. so if you want to develop more the mind, you breath through the right nostril, and if you want to develop more the heart you breath in through the left nostril.

We then understand that when we breathe normally with our 2 nostrils at once, we do not focus on any of the 2 types of prana, nature established that normal way of breathing so we can get a balance of the 2 type of prana.

with pranayama we focus on each type of prana and when we change the breathing alternatively through left and right nostril we create a balance of energy. that’s why we should pay attention to the number of time we make for each nostril, they should be the same if we wish balance.

What about breathing out?
As you might have noticed, this is to through out the impurities of of your blood, as during the holding of the air, prana was absorbed together with oxygen but also CO2 was taken out of the blood together with negative energies, breathing out is then spitting out negative forces.
now here’s something else to know. when you breath out whistling, you strengthen the lungs, and when you breath out with wind, you purify the brain, the nervous system.

What about the position?
Pranayama can be done, standing, lay down, sitting down. and the result could be different.
when you do pranayama standing straight up, your brain is more influenced , when you lay down, your sympathetic nervous system is more influenced. Sitting down is from what I know influences both the brain and the sympathetic nervous system at a same level. but in any cases, it works, as long as you keep your spine upright

What could happen?, but not sure for everybody
In my case, when I started pranayama, the first days I used to sweat a lot, and the sweat ended and replaced by a simple feeling of body warm. then later, during the holding back of air, I saw colors with my eyes closed. and later during the holding of air, I started losing physical senses, especially the ear sense. then I ended up fainting. all these leaving a great joy feeling, although it might seem scary for some people, reading this.

The first signs of your result will surely be the fact that you will skip the flu disease, there’s no mistake about it, pranayama and flu do not go together, I’ve checked that myself. and also your face might lighten up a little, which is a sign of purification.

you can meditate better, you stress less, and keep a healthy state.
When pranayama is done for a long time, it could open your consciousness to other worlds, then you can tackle more complex breathing exercises to activate specific chakras for a specific purpose.

Love and light to you