There are a number of skills you need to have to master astral projection, in order to be able to do it at will and at any time, without relying on alarms or early morning moments. And one of the important actions to apply to master the theta state, is the skill of keeping motionless whenever you wake up. It is considered a skill because because it can be challenging for many people to stay motionless when waking up.`

It's important to keep in mind that moving your physical body produces Beta waves in your brain. And moving gets rid of the theta brain waves.

Beta brain waves are in fact the level of brain activity you have during the awake state. Beta waves are rapid electrical waves firing in your brain when you are working, walking, cooking, talking, running. Alpha waves however are slow waves compared to beta waves.

Alpha waves spike in your brain mostly when your body and mind are not moving. But let's forget about the mind movements for now because it can be trained with a consistent meditation habit. That means we already have a solution for the mind. However there are not many articles or exercises out there about the body motionless. So in this topic I will tell you how you can add the body motionless skill in your mastering curriculum.

Whether in bed or on the couch, get into the habit of waking up from sleep without moving any part of your body. Many have testified to me that they struggled to do it at the beginning, so beware that it may not be that easy as you think. If you already have this skill, then keep it previously, exercise it more, improve it more, value it and don't lose because you have an advantage.

If you don't have this skill yet, you would usually be moving your whole body or parts of your body whenever you wake up. Even before you open your eyes, you usually start moving the body. Then after you stretch up your arms, and you feel really wake. The order of body part movements changes from one person to another. so the order of body movements doesn't really matter when you are waking up with no intention to train for theta mastery. But when it comes to mastering theta, the order does matter.

Eyes first, body second please.
You should open your eyes first then move your body. I call it the "Eyes first body second rule". Congratulations in advance if you can do that tomorrow when you try it. Trust me, it's an achievement if you can do it. In fact each little achievement in this course is a small and important milestone you should be proud of. Because it's all those little achievements put together which finally make you master the art of inducing theta at will.

The tricky part in this exercise is to be able to catch that moment when your brain is just waking up. But if you pay attention tomorrow morning, you will notice that you got a brain signal. A signal that you are about to wake up. Note that when you are waking up, the brain reactivates the organs of senses. So you could hear a sound, or you could sense the light from your closed eyes, or feel a slight body discomfort making you want to move your body to wake up.

And if you are very careful (when you get used to waking up slowly), you may notice that the action of waking up happens when you've just ended a dream.

Remember this signal: When you are waking up, you will feel the urge to move. When you notice this, do your best not to move immediately. Yes you can do it. Don't let the body dictate here. Let this decision be your choice. Let it be a conscious act. Don't move until you've decided it. So first, slowly open your eyes, then decide to move your body. That's how you practice the "eyes first body second rule".

That's how you should be walking up for the during of your training. I continue to do it till today because it's become second nature. I encourage you to train doing so even when you are having a nap during the day.

Exercise each time you wake up from a sleep. Use each moment of waking up to exercise. How long it takes to get this practice right depends on each person, and it also depends on how often you exercise. It gets better the more you practice. Remember it's a new habit you are giving to your brain, so be patient. Don't let a couple of failures disappoint you too soon. You eventually make it work.

One more important thing to consider in your practice. When you come out of dreams, you are coming out of your subconsciousness world. And if the subconsciousness is not informed about this new habit, you will continue wake up the old way. Meaning your subconsciousness will not remind you to not move at the moment of waking up. So I suggest you make sure it is settled in your subconsciousness before you even sleep.

For example, if before you sleep you take this seriously and tell yourself to remember to apply the new habit when you wake, then your subconsciousness will also take it seriously, and it will remind you soon as you are awake. That's why before you even go to bed, you need to self suggest yourself to not move when you wake up. That's just until the new habit sinks in your subconsciousness. Once the happen is taken, you won't need to do the self suggestion any more.

Here are examples of self suggestion sentences I used to keep myself in the new habit. And yes, I had an issue walking up without moving.

Before sleeping, I used to say verbally and softly a couple of times :

"When I wake up, I don't move".

And when I wake up I used to mentally say:

"I'm awake. Now eyes first, body second"

I hope you take this topic seriously, and that you don't miss to apply it whenever you wake up. And you know you can always contact me if you have any questions.

Until we meet again for the next step, I will welcome your comments.

This is post is an extract of MASTERING THE THETA STATE - Advanced astral projection course