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Why go for abstract thoughts during meditation

Abstract thoughts do not only appear in our mind as mental sounds. But they may also appear to us as images. Yes there are abstract images too. Geometric images in the mind are all abstract thoughts. They are representations, conclusions, synthesis of concrete things. The higher spiritual world...


The taste of heaven through meditation

They may not all call it heaven, but most religions believe in a form of heaven. The world of gods and spirits. A perfect world where there is no sufferance, no evil. It’s also been referred as paradise in common language. A place where people “with no sins or impurities” are supposed to go. It’s...


Discover the 3rd brain

Many would believe that thoughts and feelings are the pure product of the physical body, meaning from the brain. That illusion will go away when most people start to become awake during their sleep (astral projecting consciously). How will they then explain the fact that they are out of the...


Lungs of the soul

The physical world is a copy, a reflection of the invisible world. Which means, what naturally happens down here in the physical world, also happens in the invisible world. Even most of of natural things are copies of what we do in the invisible world. Like have you ever asked yourself why most...


Is it possible to contact the dead

Would you call someone if you knew the person is not close enough to hear you? And above all, would you feel the necessity to call them if you knew they were not fit to help you with your request? Surely not right? Then why think that when a person dies, he/she can now help his/her living...


Why to learn astral projection?

Here’s a common question. What is the whole point of astral projection?In this thread I will assume the reader already knows what an astral projection is. Otherwise a simple google search can inform about it. There are thousands of articles about it all over the internet. I will just be dealing...


How to develop the sacral chakra

Introduction The sacral chakra is worth studding and experimenting, as it is mostly the one which shows complications when we’ve just started our spiritual journey. In this article, I will try and give tips which some truth seekers would wish they have known earlier in the path. Because so much...


You are not your thoughts

Most meditation practices aim to bring the person to the present moment, rather than letting him/her wander in the past and future thoughts. In the past and future thoughts are found impurities which we could avoid if we only we could practice some vipassana, some zen or mindfulness… In the...