The whole training you need

Theta state is also referred to as "Trance state", or "Vibrational state". But I prefer to use the term "Theta state" to remind that it is a brain state which can be scientifically proven and measured through Medical machines called the EEG (Electroencephalography).

The official science has already found out how a person gets into a theta state. It's no longer a mystery. Although those materialist scientists stop at the brain wave studies and have no clue of the possibilities human beings have during the theta state or REM sleep as they call it (REM = Rapid eye movement). And that's where we (esoteric scientists) come in to fill the gap.

In esoteric science, we learn that it's during the dream state (or theta state) that a person's soul can temporally separate his/her astral body from the physical body to continue his conscious life in another dimension.

To separate your soul from your physical body at will, you need to know exactly the conditions which allow it and then work on yourself to be good at creating those conditions whenever you want.

Then what are the conditions to fulfill in order to induce theta at will?

  1. You need to put the body to sleep, meaning bringing the body to a sleepy state, or be drifting off.
  2. You need to be able to awake when theta starts
  3. You need to keep your awareness during theta state

That's all you need. However there may be a lot of training before you can do the above easily.

1) Putting the body to sleep

This actually means to trick the body to sleep.

2) Awaking when theta starts

This means to not let yourself be carried away by the dreams but to rather acknowledge you've reached the dreaming state (the theta state). This step is usually the hardest because you need to involve different parts of your being to help you with this. You may involve your subconsciousness by self suggesting yourself to awake when theta states, but stimulating your chakras would be more efficient and reliable as they are the centers of consciousness.

3) Keeping awareness during theta state

That means to keep your consciousness active and lucid while your brain is still in a theta state. It's easy to get lost in a dream again a few seconds after you've awakened in a theta state. This is the time where you need to decide whether to separate from your body or to continue experiencing theta.

1) To be in a sleepy state

Let it be clear for you, that if you are not in a sleepy state you may not get into theta state. This is the number 1 rule you need to remember and apply. Learn how to first get into a sleepy state before you even try the rest of steps.

I have read in certain books and web pages about the "direct methods" where you are asked to relax your body and mind in bed and wait for the theta to come. Often students who have tried that method ended up sleeping and waking up in the morning with no memory of a theta experience.

When not properly understood and applied, that method may disappoint you for years. It doesn't matter how relaxed your mind and body is in bed, if you have not reached the sleepy state during the relaxation, you are likely going to stay fully awake there for hours, not getting any near to a theta state.

Yes, you may possibly be relaxed mentally and physically without reaching theta. The relaxed mind and body is rather called the "Alpha state". While theta state is beyond alpha state. In short "Theta" is the dream state (light dreams). So I'll be clear, If you are not seeing some dreams, you are not there yet.

Alpha is when your muscles have no more tensions, and your mind is not too focused on anything. This is usually achieved during meditations. And don't get me wrong, Alpha state is an important state to reach, because we all go through Alpha state on our way to theta state anyway. Some people get to theta fairly quicker than others, that's all (people who sleep fast). You will even notice that I encourage Meditations a lot. Meditations train your consciousness to get used to the alpha state without going down deep beyond theta (meaning far into dreams), to stay awake even while your brain waves are decreasing to a sleepy state.

Remember this: The great work (your theta training) starts when you feel sleepy to the point where you start seeing images with your eyes closed, or when you notice drifting off. That's the most important moment you should be excited about. Not when you are still fully awake. Not even when your mind and body are relaxed.

You should put your efforts in learning how to get sleepy at will, and whenever you want to. The problem is that not everybody allows themselves to get to that heavy sleepy state where they drift off. Usually when they sleep, they fall straight into a deep sleep and have many dreams which they can't snap out of, until they wake up in the morning.

Some others by dint of trying too hard to astral project, struggle to sleep at night, they become too awake waiting for something to happen and then get insomnia. In the following topics, I will tell how to push the body to a sleepy slate as quickly as possible.

2) Stay motionless when you awake from a dream.

Our body is mostly a subconscious organism. It's intelligent enough to know when to sleep, when to wake up. It's used as a language of gestures. When you close your eyes for example, you are giving a sign to your brain to start shutting down, it starts generating alpha waves already, to prepare the body for sleep. When you have your eyes open, more beta waves are therefore generated to keep you fully awake.

Now when you stay motionless in bed you give a signal to your brain to produce theta waves. So this simple action of not moving in bed will let you see the first dream images behind your close eyes. So keep in mind that moving too much in bed reduces the theta waves.

The brain also creates the feeling of discomfort in bed when you are about to sleep to push you to change position in bed. So in the middle of the night you may be changing positions in bed. This is the brain's way to check if you are still awake or not. When the feeling of discomfort comes and you don't move, your body is tricked and considers that you are already dreaming, then it automatically puts your whole body into paralysis mode and in theta state.

So note that every time you move in bed in the middle of the night, or when you just change position for no apparent reason, it's a brain check to decide if you must be put in theta mode or not. Now if instead of moving you resist the urge of moving, you may witness your body going into paralysis mode, or simply start having the theta sensations. We have a topic in this course where I give tips on how and when to stay motionless.

3) Keep your awareness while the body falls asleep

Here's another point often misunderstood by people who practice the "direct method". True we should stay awake while the body is falling asleep, but what you are doing to try to stay awake can ruin everything and reduce theta waves in your brain. To stay awake here means to observe your subconscious work. Meaning to watch what your subconsciousness is busy with. What images are coming behind your closed eyes or any other automatic movements (like the phantom wiggling).

By keeping your attention on the subconsciousness activities, you detach your attention from your physical body, you naturally forget about your body in bed that way. Follow the subconsciousness activities even to the point where you live it as a reality (lucid dream).

Note that while you had your attention on the subconsciousness activities, your whole physical body was falling asleep. So after a few minutes of observing the dreams images or lucid dreaming, you would already be in theta state. To be between sleep and awake is in fact to let your body sleep while you focus on the subconsciousness dream images or while you focus on your tactile sensations. I also have exercises prepared to train for this.

All the three points I've mentioned are all you need to initiate a theta state. And again because each day you sleep and wake up, you have the chance to practice daily to perfect your skills. Serious students will add to their daily practices a specific type of meditation and breathing exercises (which will be detailed in the following topics) to help their brain, etheric body and astral body get the necessary habits and skills.

Meet me in the next topic as we start the journey. But you may come back to this important topic as it should serve a map or agenda for your entire work.

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