Topic 2 - Know your current state of mind

And here's how you may know where you stand. In which group of mind you currently are:

Unfocused mind

  • You are often worried and anxious
  • You often have regrets of what you've done in the past.
  • You often day dream
  • You rarely ask yourself spiritual questions
  • Most of the time, the universe and life makes no sense to you

Focused mind

  • You are less worried and less anxious.
  • You think less of the past and future
  • You rarely day dream
  • You can focus on one subject at a time for long hours.
  • You are an observer of your mind and people's behaviors.
  • You question yourself about life and the universe more often.

Clear mind

  • You don't often use mental words to think
  • You spend most of your time observing your mind and the world.
  • You are driving by what is most important in life.
  • You often (from time to time) reach silent mind naturally without too much effort.
  • You are highly intuitive.