Is this course for you?

This lesson/course is for you if you consider yourself a beginner. Or if you feel you may be lacking some basics to be able to control your astral projections. Or if you feel the need to review the basics. It is meant to prepare you for more advanced lessons where you learn how to induce the theta state (in lesson2), and the different separation techniques (lesson 3)...

What you will learn from this lesson?

This lesson focuses on the theories and basic guidelines to get you started. It's strongly advised you do not skip steps when you are a beginner or when trying to master an art such as astral projection.

In this lesson your will learn:

  • The science behind astral projection
  • How to build astral memory
  • Remove the fear around astral projection
  • The best moment of sleep to start an astral projection

Instructor assistance

This lesson is only one of the 4 series of other astral projection lessons in this website by the same instructor. The great part about all these lessons is that the instructor is available to answer your questions throughout the whole whole journey.

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