You can master the theta state and astral project whenever you want

A conscious astral projection requires you to be in a special state called "Theta state" or "Trance state". From this state you may freely separate from your physical body and get back to it. In that regard a theta state becomes like an open door into the astral world.

Theta state occurs naturally during our sleep, during dreams about every one and half hour. Therefore we always have a chance each night to astral project. However if we don't have the skill to recognize that open door we cannot consciously take the trip.

Even if you know how to catch a theta state like explained in the beginner course, you still cannot guarantee an astral projection each night or whenever you want it, because some nights you could still be missing the theta slot times when you are not too lucid.

Now what if you developed the skills or the chakras, which allow you to immediately become awake at most theta state time. Wouldn't that guarantee your astral travel.

And so in this course we will focus on improving those skills and working on chakras for the purpose of a stronger lucidity.