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Is this course for you?

This master course is for you if

  • You are unclear how to start learning astral projection.
  • You've been having random OBE's only from time to time, but now you would like control.
  • You intend to master the art of inducing the theta state or vibration state at will and at any time, in order to start an astral projection without relying on early morning wake and sleep methods.
  • You want to share and learn from like-minded people's experiences and challenges in our community center.
  • You need support from the instructor to guide you on the way to success through one-on-one chat sessions and via emails.

What life is like after you've completed the entire course?

  • You get good reflexes during wake up and during falling asleep. Habits which allow you to immediately start an astral projection.
  • You experience frequent theta state and lucid dreams each month.
  • You become more experienced in inducing the theta/vibration state at will.

In this course you get to build the following skills:

- How to start an astral projection at any time of the day.

- How to improve your REM sleep with food and sunlight.

- How to slow your beta waves faster enough to start an OBE.

- How to awake when the vibration state or theta state starts.

- How to keep your awareness while the body falls asleep.

- How to start a lucid dream when we are in theta state.

- How to enter the astral world from lucid dream.

- How to separate from your physical body and get back to it easily.

The whole training you need

The course contains the whole training you would need to start inducing the theta state, commonly known as "The vibration state". A state which we all naturally go through about every 90mins during our sleep. Skip the 90mins waiting rules so you can start an astral projection at any moment of the day or night.


Main course content.

Get guided step by step towards the goal

  Theta requirement
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How to keep motionless
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Rule 1 - Pushing the body to sleep
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Rule 2 - Awaking when in theta state
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Rule 3 - Keeping awareness when in theta
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Best sleeping practice
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days after you enroll

You can master the theta state and astral project whenever you want

A conscious astral projection requires you to be in a special state called "Theta state". From this state you may freely separate from your physical body and get back to it. In that regard a theta state becomes like an open door into the astral world.

Theta state occurs naturally during our sleep, during dreams about every one and half hour. Therefore we always have a chance each night to astral project. However if we don't have the skill to recognize that open door we cannot consciously take the trip.

Even if you know how to catch a theta state like explained in the beginner course, you still cannot guarantee an astral projection each night or whenever you want it, because some nights you could still be missing the theta slot times when you are not too lucid.

Now what if you developed the skills or the chakras, which allow you to immediately become awake at most theta state time. Wouldn't that guarantee your astral travel.

And so in this course we will focus on improving those skills and working on chakras for the purpose of a stronger lucidity.

The Instructor support

The full course comes with the instructor support throughout your whole training. Meaning you can take the one-on-one sessions with the instructor included in the course to get advices when you face challenges.

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What other mystics and students say

Krya, you have helped me on spiritual topics more than anyone I have ever met in this life. You have helped me deal with issues I have had in the past and made them positive. For someone who was astral projecting without knowing what it was from a young age, I can confirm that your teachings are of light and have made me understand what is happening and made me grow like never before. I am forever grateful for your work. I recommend your teachings to everyone who is willing to take the path to the Higher Self or who are just trying to learn more about spiritual topics.

_____Marco Mejia

Krya, you know I have been trying to force the pace of my journey and I have stumbled - taken a wrong way. Now, you cause me to pause, to take another look at my basic approach to working for spirit. For that I thank you. Because you are offering this to, literally, anyone who has the wit to take notice, it is clear; Spirit will thank you, friend, and you will be blessed.

_____Joseph Westlake (Author of the book "A Marriage: Travel, Spiritualism and Dementia")

This is the crucial thing to comprehend though! I am really grateful to you for your teachings, I feel true essence in your words. helped me alot in my journey and certainly it will help in other's too. kudoz to you for this job.I'm glad. Although long way to go. and I am ready 😃

_____Kashish C Kohinoor

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