From million to one thought

There is no human walking the earth with absolutely no thoughts. You either entertain abstract thoughts or concrete thoughts. The more symbolic and abstract your thoughts become the more intuitive they get and the closer your mind gets to silent mind.

Ordinary thoughts are always the loudest. You reach the highest level of meditation when you realize no ordinary (earthly) thoughts in the mind. That is the true meaning of silent mind.


Aim for the higher goal of meditation

You probably heard it all about the benefits of meditation. How it prevents and releases you from stress anxiety, and depression… But those who’ve taken my previous course about “the basics of meditation”, should already be aware of a higher goal. The higher goal of meditation is to bring you closer to your other self within. Your higher consciousness, also called “the higher self”. Along this quest for the higher self, you inevitably go past the beautiful states of being. The closer you get to your higher self, the less stressed and depressed you become. And the more happier and wiser you become.

Your higher self is another version of you inside yourself. A better version of yourself within you. A “you” who is spiritual. A “You” who knows everything, who feels joy, who has spiritual virtues and qualities, a “You” who have spiritual abilities, who can hear, touch and speak to spiritual beings of higher spiritual worlds. Understand that you are a wonderful creature within you. If you could remember your inner self, if you could join hands with your higher self, you would taste true beauty, true light, true love. Close those eyes during meditation with the goal of traveling deep within yourself in search of your other half, your higher self. And I can inform you where exactly you will find your higher self within you. All spiritualists know it. If during your inner trip you reach a land where nobody uses words to communicate, then you’ve arrived in your higher self world.

In this short course, I’d like to take you on a trip to the world of silence. But be aware that this is some special trip because you are required to use your own mean of transportation ( your own mind). So my job here is to simply help you build a strong travelling machine ( your mind). And to guide you through to the destination. In this course, we will therefore focus more on the practices. Progressive exercises intended to bring you close to the goal.

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