How does it work?

If you are good at any esoteric or spiritual subject, we invite you to teach and earn in our platform. We have students waiting to learn new skills.

Example of subjects you can teach

Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, Breathing exercises, Astral projection, Lucid dreaming, Magic, Astrology, Kabalah, Numerology, Alchemy...


Get paid monthly through PayPal

1 - Earn every time a student purchases your course. You set the price. EsotericTruths takes a 50% commission.

2 - Because we have a student membership plan, you are therefore also paid based on the percentage minutes watched across the platform. (read more: instructor terms).

3 - Earn up to $100 for each good quality new course you publish to EsotericTruths.

More Benefits

We take care of the advertisement. We market your course on our online forums, social media channels and we run targeted paid advertisements.


From your admin dashboard, you have visibility on all your courses/coaching purchases and the current number of students on membership plan.

How to get started?


1) Signup for a free account.

2) Within few hours time, you should receive a confirmation email when your account is approved.

3) Login to your admin panel and add your video course(s) and/or coaching services. Set up your sales pages and thank you pages and publish your course(s) whenever you are ready.

4) Once you publish your course(s), esoterictruths marketer team will start advertising your courses.

5) Depending on the quality of your course, you may receive up to $100 compensation within 30 days after course published.

6) You continue getting paid a share of the total revenue available to instructors each month. This share compensation is based on your percentage of minutes watched by our membership students.

And if someone purchases your course, you earn 50% of your course price within 30 days.

You have nothing to lose!

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About EsotericTruths

EsotericTruths is a starting esoteric marketplace (built under platform). Although courses are sold separately, students on membership plan have access to all published courses.

Should you have any question, you may contact us by email at [email protected] or through our Facebook page messenger

Please take the time to read the instructor terms before using our services