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The common goal for all human souls is to bring out that inner divine self. That divine self is called many names: The higher self, the Buddha, the Christ, or the True-Self. Living to allow the manifestation of the higher self within us is what we call "spirituality".

Spirituality is a type of life in which you give the right condition for that spiritual seed within us to grow and to dominate. It sounds good and beautiful isn’t it? Yes, it is the most glorious task of life.

But make no mistake about it, the process of trying to manifest the higher self within us is not that simple, as it takes time, efforts and above all, the essential knowledge. This is why one may need some guidance. A guidance towards remembering what you already know but which you have forgotten. This course aims to provide the essential knowledge for a successful spiritual life.

What you will learn through this coaching

The metaphysics structure of a human being

Discover the invisible parts which compose your being. And use this knowledge to cure yourself and to improve your quality of life.  If you knew that you had a double body which also needs to be fed. A double body which, when not fed causes some physical discomfort and illness, Wouldn’t you do anything to help yourself?

How a human soul develops

Discover the hidden energies which makes your current being. Learn the nature of thoughts and feelings. If you knew that your human soul is just another body of yours which need care and help, wouldn’t you do something about it, wouldn’t you want to develop it?

About your body energy centers

Discover the invisible world in a more practical way. Experience the so called abstract things like love, energies, thoughts, entities, ghosts… with your spiritual organs of senses. Your chakras. Wouldn’t you take the ticket to the invisible discovery if the trip (method) is safe?

How to protect yourself

Discover how vulnerable you are, and learn how to protect yourself spirituality. If you knew that in addition to your own negative forces within, you also have external attacks, which contributes to a miserable life, wouldn’t you decide to lean how to protect yourself against all negativity?

How to purify yourself

Discover the esoteric methods of purification. Learn the difference the different level of purity. Wouldn’t you decide to purify yourself more regularly if you knew that purity is main condition for the higher self within us to grow?

How to control your subconsciousness forces

Discover the animal life within you. See how wild animals forces manifest within you and how you can deal with it. What if I told you that you can educate all those wild inner animals? what if you could make those wild forces work for you? would you still fight against yourself? would you fight for example still fight with your sensuality, your anger, your jealousy…?Chat to you soon.

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