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Find out what is beyond our physical world

Here find grouped together topics about the mysteries of the universe and what it contains from a kabbalah point of view.

These topics aim to clear some of the confusion and explain a lot of mystical concepts related to the cosmos. The universe, God, spirits, beings, the different dimensions..

The beauty of the universe

All small universes inside the big universe (God). Microcosm within Macrocosm, are connected and behaves the same. What is below is like what is above.

The small mimic the big. Our little universe and the big Universe share the same principles. Did you know that our own cells follow the way we (as the soul) behave? Leave harmoniously and your cells will automatically follow the harmony.

The most interesting thing to notice is, that generally, we are only aware of 3 things of our own universe: The physical body, the emotions, and thoughts. That is what we live with in our everyday life. Every day you walk around with your body, your emotions and thoughts.

Those 3 things together are what constitutes our human consciousness, our lower self. But if you now consider the whole universe, you notice that we only are aware of half of our entire universe. That means we only know half of our entire being. We live half of the universe.